If you’ve been playing online for a while, you may be looking for a fresh, new casino sites to be a new customer of and play on – playing on one casino for too long can get boring as you play the same selection of games over and over. A new casino can liven things up again, with all new games, animations and a brand new feel to a casino.

The same goes for if you’re a totally new player. You want to be playing at the best new casino around, as this will have the most up to date games, great welcome bonuses with a nice sprinkling of the classics, two things you don’t want to miss out on!

Take a look at the selection below where you’ll find an overview of all the new casinos to be released this year followed by our rating of them – along with the bonuses they offer (Keep your eye out for those free spins!). Keep in mind with this page that rankings are filtered by date not which is the best.

Best New India Casinos released for 2022

With a whole new year upon us comes a set of new casino sites entering the market… with a whole new range of bonuses for new customers including great deposit bonuses such as vasrious free spins and deposit matches! Its always interesting for us as reviewers, as it gives us chance to look at all the exciting new features and new games for new customers that are added to these casinos in order to differentiate themselves from other new casino sites. Should any of the new Indian casinos on this list be considered good enough… we may even feature them on our best casino sites page.

Why play at a New India Casino

So you may be totally content with the casino you currently play on. You like the games, you’re used to navigating around the site and as the old adage says ‘you should go with what you know.’ But playing on a new casino site has pretty much zero downsides, with some of the main benefits that we enjoy playing as new customers at a new casino haves to be:

  1. A new casino tends to have a very diverse and new range of slots and table games at their disposal. Featuring the latest software developers that you wouldn’t find at a more established casino. You have better access to these bonuses aswell, since they’ll offer a great bonus to attract new players. That leads us onto the next point…
  2. Bigger and better bonuses than their competition. With everyone vying to be the most attractive online casino bonuses tend to be at the forefront. New casino sites tend to be more alot more generous with their bonuses offering tones of free spins (usually from 10 free spins upto 100’s of free spins!) on some of your favourite slots as well as a deposit bonus.
  3. Players tend to have better protection. As new casinos are under scrutiny from the get go by the India or the Indian Gambling Commission. This means they have to get the best security and financial protocols to make sure these new players are secure upto the back teeth, meeting all regulations.
  4. Some new casinos even offer a sports betting product to compliment thegames and slots the casino has to offer. So if you’re also a fan of sports betting like a cheeky few bets on the weekends game then you may want to consider signing up at a new Indian casino site as they will be able to satisfy all your online gambling needs.

Ratings aren’t all that

While trying to find the best in online casinos is our number one priority here at CasinoSites.bet, we do take into account that its pretty rare for a new online casino won’t be able to get it all right for their new customers on their first try.

That’s why when trying to find a new casino to sign up to you should look past the ratings that we’ve scored them on and try them out for yourself. We’ve found historically that when playing at new casino sites, that overtime they tend to improve their offerings by bringing in new slots, more payment methods, better range of promotions and upgrade their UI’s – but this is only over time, when one of these casino sites first launches they can be quite limited on features and payment methods that are accepted.

You’ve got to remember new online casinos have only been around for a short amount of time and therefore have got plenty of room to grow before they become the next Mr Green aka a behemoth on the scene.

What are white label casinos?

You may notice that a fair few of these new casinos have a similar selection of games, slots, bonuses or even layout.

This is because they are whats known as ‘White Label Casinos.’ White labels are essentially copies of an original casino with a few slight changes to the layout of the site, branding or the welcome bonus that’s on offer. This is partly why you see so many new casinos nowadays coming out and launching so fast. They aren’t actually original, independent new online casino sites but instead are part of a network of sites that all share similar atributes/feel.

How do New Online Casinos try to stand out amongst the rest?

Nowadays, it can be difficult to make a truly original new casino site that looks and feels totally different from the rest. With so many features being similar, there are only a few areas that new casino sites can stand out on.

Payment Methods/Speed

Once considered the least important of features by many of us new casino players a while ago, speed and availability is now quickly coming to the forefront of whats important and what new players look for. Now new players want more ways of cashing out and most importantly they want to be able to access their cash quickly. There’s no reason for a new casino to impose a 3-5 day waiting time especially when you consider depositing into a casino is an instant thing. With ethe vast array of payment gateways and methods, achieving this for the casino has become incredibly easy.

Libraries full of Slots & Table Games

Video type slots are often one of the main draws to any of the online new casinos or old and this is where a new casino can really make themselves stand out. Every slot producer has their own style to the games they have – from extremely fast paced, volatile slots that have 1,000’s of ways to win to a more simpler slot that pays out smaller rewards but more often. This means when a brand new casino enters the market and they’ve got offerings from a range of wide range game developers, we see this as a good sign as it means they’re trying to break into the mainstream market and create an online casino brands that sticks. A live casino is also something that we like to see at new online casinos allowing new players to play and experience the thrill of being in a real casino, with a real life dealer spinning the wheel on live roulette, or dealing the cards in live blackjack.

Great Bonuses & Rewarding Promotions

Casino bonuses are the new online casinos main tool for bringing in new customers. You’ll find that unless they’re part of a white label network in which case there wont be much difference – the same amount of free spins or deposit match. Some of our favourite new casino bonuses new customer should look for are ones with a high first matched deposit (somewhere between 100% to 300% match, so you get to play with anywhere from 2 times the amount you deposit to 4 times!) followed by a reload offer that really helps new customers carry on those winning streaks and also loads of free spins on your favourite slot. Those free spins can be used to win some big money! Often what we see with new casino sites is they offer a great welcome bonus then after its been claimed there’s nothing else available and they have mediocre weekly promotions.

While we don’t expect every new online casino to come onto the markets with a wide selection of promotions available for you to claim, there should at least be some casino offers every week to keep you engaged – whether its another sort of welcome bonus, first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses or free spins bonuses with a nice array of regular promotions aswell.

Playing at New Online Casinos Vs Established Ones

The question that might be on your mind is why should I sign up to a new online casino vs one that I’ve already got an account with and enjoy playing at. Well the answer isnt always clear cut, but we can say it’s always better to have a few new online casinos under your belt that you enjoy playing at and have aceess to. This is because it allows you to try out games that you might not get on the likes of Betfred but instead you can play on PlayOJO for an example.

Also as they tend to be quite generous with their welcome bonuses in order to lure new customers. Having more bonus money is always a good thing for new customers as it gives you a chance to try out some of the new video type slots or the new casino games that you wouldn’t normally try when its your own money that you’re playing with. These games may become your new favourite or have a better RTP, thus giving you a better chance to win!

You’ll also find that older online casinos tend to be less likely to update their interface as they dont want to put off their existing customers. Signing up to new casinos means new customers will be getting top of the line interfaces which have a much more appealing and quicker design, they’ll also be better optimised to all mobile devices as any new casino worth their salt will know that mobile casinos are quickly becoming the future as more players like to play whilst on the move. However this doesn’t mean that old online casinos aren’t worth signing up to, you should refer to our Best casino sites page where you’ll find there are a fair few of the old guard on there.

These old casinos have stood the test of time and are shown to be trustworthy, as they wouldn’t still be around if they weren’t!

Regulation in the India and how are New Casino Sites effected?

The new online casino market in the United Kingdom is quickly becoming one of the most highly regulated markets in the world thanks to the Brits love of the thrill of gambling. But dont fear as this is a good thing for us – the Indian players – as it means you’ll begin to experience less and less of what are known as “rogue” online casinos.

Some of the major changes that have happened over the last few years for the best new casino sites are:

  • When you -the customer – signs up at one of these new online casinos, before you can play any games you have to verify your identity. This is done by providing a copy of identification to prove your age and you’re from a regulated jurisdiction. This protects you as it lets the casino know you’re eligible to be under the protection of the India.
  • The new casino will have to display all the terms and conditions related to a welcome bonus so any new customers are informed upfront about what is required by the customer to comple the terms and withdraw their money. This was one of the big annoyances in the early years, as people would think they were signing up with an amazing bonus… But you’d then have to wager through how ever much you deposited an outrageous amount of times!
  • Customers will no longer be able to use credit cards to fund their casino accounts. While this may feel like a restriction on you its actually done with safety in mind, as it’ll stop you as a player from spending money on the casino site that could possibly have interest to pay back.

With things becoming more regulated in the India its becoming harder and harder for new casino sites to get a foot in the door but this is a good thing as the ones that make it onto our site will have been vetted twice – from both us and the government – ensuring their reliablilty for Indian players.

What new payment methods are available at new online casinos?

Just like how technology and software are constantly improving (pretty much day to day), so is the way we can move our money. At the very first online casino some of the only ways you could even put money into your casino account is either by the long and tedious process of bank transfer or through your credit or debit card.

Fast forward a few years and now theres a great range of options available for you to use whether its using paypal at online casinos (which is one of the fastest ways to move money in and out of the casino and one of the most secure, PayPal has some of the most sophisticated anti-hacking encryption technology online today) or you can even use your mobile phone by using payment processors such as Boku or Pay By Mobile Bill to be able to deposit without having to move an inch!

The greater flexibility with this certainly helps broaden a new online casinos appeal. Not everyone wants casino deposits showing on a banking statement and anonymity has become a high priority recently, as this can actually effect you adversely should you want a loan or a mortgage in the future. if the loan company of bank you wish to get amortgage from see gambling deposits and withdrawals, it can put you at risk!

In countries like Sweden you can actually sign up to a new online casino without filling in any details and can be done by just providing your bank code making the whole signing in process even simpler – This could be the way we see things going all over Europe.

Red Flags and What to look for before signing up to new casinos

Firstly we always advise to use a reputable new casino review portal as ourselves. however we realise that this isnt always possible. So if you’ve found a new Indian casino that you like the look of from your own research these are the steps to what you should be looking for Red Flag wise:

  • A valid Indian License that you can confirm by going onto the Indian Gambling Commission website and typing in the license number. This is absolutely vital, as not having this or having a fake number that can’t be verified will mean that they aren’t licensed and could be fraudulent.
  • Limited support options, if a new casino has no live chat, email or telephone then this tends to be a give away they’ve got no interest in helping out their players if anything untoward happens. You need to be able to contact the casino for any reason and a strong, naried assortment of contact options should be something you look for.
  • Look at player reviews. While websites like Trust Pilot aren’t always reliable in this instance (it’s rare happy bettors will review positively and its more likely to be the ones who’ve lost money with that site, skewing the reviews) they can still be a good indication. Simply searching for the casino site you want to play on and reviews will find plenty, and some of them go into great depth about the positives and negatives.
  • Lack of SSL encryption. If a casino site has no encryption then do not sign up to it. All of your data being passed over the internet has a chance of being intercepted by hackers. SSL encryption prevents this and keeps you safe any time you’re playing – your financial details are incredibly important and keeping them safe at all costs should be one of your top priorities online in general, not just playing on online casinos!

Some tips we do advise to follow once you’ve found one that you like however is:

  • If you’re a player who likes to your free spins claim bonuses or any deposit bonus in general, then you should definitely be looking at things like wagering requirement, game restrictions and what % it counts towards turnover. If a welcome bonus has a wagering requirement of anything over 35x then this is certainly someting we’d steer clear from. This helps when you see a deposit bonus that just seems to good to be true – like 500 free spins. Things like this huge amount of free spins will have incredibly high wagering requirements usually – we’ve seen as high as upto 100x!
  • Before signing up, make sure you look at the regular promotions that are on offer, all these can be viewed before even registering an account by clicking on the promotions tab of the site. If the promotions section is looking pretty bare then its obvious they dont do a good job at looking after their existing customers and are too focused towards getting new players into the casino. Great for initial bonuses, not so much for being a regular customer.
  • Check out the portfolio of games and slots on offer. See which developers they’ve got and whether they are of any interest to you. If you’re a keen slot player, then the small range of live casino games on offer may not bother you, but if you like a wide pool of games to choose from, then you;re going to be looking for as many software developers as possible.
  • See what support options are available and whether its 24/7. You want to be looking for email, phone, live chat and even an address if possible. When one option fails or isn’t fast enough you can switch to another. This also helps if you were ever to have a really urgent problem with something – say depositing or withdrawing money – you want to be able to get hold of the casino ASAP.

Upcoming Technologies at New Casinos

As technology advances, so will the future of new online casinos. Newer casinos will be first to pick up the trend as they will already be optimised for whatever piece of technology is in vogue at the moment. Those casino sites who don’t update their offerings to match what’s around will certainly be left in the dust and pretty fast at that. Below are just some of the advancements that we will be expecting over the coming years:

Improvement to mobile online casinos: Mobile gaming has certainly come a long way in the last few years. Google has recently released statistics that show the majority of online searches now come from a mobile device – almost 85% of all searches – which means the majority of new customers at online casinos are playing on their mobile. Software developers are now building out all of their video type slots with a mobile casino in mind rather than a desktop. All new casino sites that enter on to the market now will have a range of mobile slots and games already featured on their site, that are optimised and ready to play whilst you’re on the go.

Virtual Reality Games: We’re yet to see any new casinos featuring a virtual reality section, but with advancements in games on certain consoles we feel we’re not too far off. We’ve already got a great range live casino games where you get to play against live dealers but imagine taking this live casino experience a step further and putting on a headset to actually step foot inside a casino itself! This is literally the ultimate live casino experience, as you’d be able to get the real life experience from the comfort of your home – whilst you’re sat snugly on sofa with a cuppa!

Crypto & Blockchain: You’d be living under a rock if you didn’t know about Blockchain/Bitcoin. While some new casinos have certainly integrated cryptocurrencies into their payments its still not as popular in the India. One thing we would like to see with new casinos is the use of Blockchain. This would prevent casinos being able to tamper with the RTP of video slots and table games therefore always ensuring that games and slots would remain fair, something every online gambler and casino enthusiast wants to see.

However not all improvements are ideal. New casinos are becoming more and more regulated by their governing bodies which is making it harder for players to register accounts and play their favourite slots. Depending on which country you’re from you could be forced to prove that you can afford your deposits with some pretty invasive requests. This is technically a way to protect players but it’s a long and tedious process to even get signed up to a site to play on.

FAQ for New Casinos

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked by our readers on the new online casino topic so we thought it best to sum it up below:

Are New Casinos in the India safe?

We know what you mean and we get this question alot. There are so many casinos appearing on the Indian market recently it can sometimes be hard to work out where to sign up to and whether or not its safe. Safety is now more paramount when it comes to playing online as there are always new ways people are looking at getting hold of your financial details to exploit them. Any site listed on CasinoSites.Bet have been vetted and verified by our team of experts – whom themselves are keen gamblers and don’t rate any site they wouldn’t play on themselves.

What to do if I need to file a complaint?

While compalints are rare they will crop up from time to time, there are a few options you have when filing a complaint against an online casino. Firstly, you will need to approach an approved alternative dispute resolution provider. Once contacted they will conduct an impartial investigation into your complaint and do all of the groundwork and you’ve given them your case inclusindg and evidence you have.

What happened to free play casino games?

Due to changes in legislation from the India Gambling Commission, it is no longer possible to go onto a new casino site and play their games for free. You will need to have registered an account first and passed their age verification KYC. This is to prevent underage gambling as previously you were able to play straight from the homescreen, and so anyone could play them without any verification of age.

Should I play at independent or White Label Casinos?

Some of you may be thinking what is a White Label Casino? Well this is a company who provides all of the backend software which actually is required by the casino (Things like all the tech support, customer service and player promtoions.) Then a company will pay for these services and skin the casino as their own brand. An example of these types are Nektan Casinos.

You’ll see that while they may look different on the top of it all they are actually the same casino with the same games, promotions and bonuses. White labels aren’t exactly bad as they do require less of a set up costs, where as an independent casino brand will have much more invested into the brand as they have been set up with the idea of being in it for the long haul. This is why you see so many new casino sites online nowadays, infact the majority of these are just reskinned white labels.

This can be great for you as a player, since when you find a casino you like the bonuses of and the layout of, if that casino is a white label, then you can find any other sites from the white label company and sign upto to those casinos aswell. You’ll get the deposit bonuses all over again and already know how to play the games!

Are there any new casinos that I shouldnt play at?

If you’re only choosing new casino sites from our list then feel free to play at them all as we’ve already vetted them as a responsible casino provider and checked everything to make sure you’re as safe as can be whilst you’re playing. However if you do your own research and are unsurem always look down at the bottom of the site and see whether lts been licensed by the Indian Gambling Ccommission as this is normally a dead giveaway as to whether it can be trusted or not. Unlicensed casinos are too risky to play at in our opinion. This is due to them not being regulated in the India so if they take your money they may choose not to pay out any winnings you may have and vanish in the middle of the night with not just these winnings, but also any money in your account that you have deposited! .