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One of the best ways I’ve found to finish my writing and plough through the editing phases is to join an event. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just so long as it is official enough for you to feel committed. NaNoWriMo is a good example, but it’s not the only one!


National Science Fiction Day: Jan. 2. Isaac Asimov’s birthday! If you’re a sci-fi person, make today awesome by writing a new scene or polishing what you’ve already got!

National Trivia Day: Jan. 4. Research might sound like drudgery, but if you spend some time today looking up something related to your book (like how warp travel would really work or when people started using clothespins to hang up their clothes), you might be surprised!

Stephen Foster Memorial Day: Jan. 13. Stephen Foster was a songwriter known for his homey, casual songs about life in the United States in the late 1800s. The catch? He never even visited some of the places he wrote about. Delve into your settings today and make them yours!

Month Long:

HistNoWriMo: Historical Fiction Writing Month! Choose your own goal and write some awesome historical fiction this month! Twists on traditional history are definitely allowed.



National Tell A Fairy Tale Day: Feb. 26. Time to let the magic out in your writing!

Month Long:

An Affair to Remember Month (no link, sorry!): February’s often seen as a romantic month. Why not give your characters a break and try your hand at a breathless romance?

National Library Lovers Month: Libraries often get knocked for being outdated, but in addition to tons of great research tools, they offer a great writing sanctuary if you just want somewhere to focus. Check it out and show your appreciation!



National Grammar Day: Mar. 4. Time for some proofreading!

National Everything You Think is Wrong Day: Mar. 15. Don’t know what to write? Throw in a twist! Change things around! Because everything you’ve been planning so far is completely wrong!

Month Long:

NaNoEdMo: National Novel Editing Month. The site has not announced a 2016 run, but the challenge will likely continue!



Year Round/ Any Month:

750 Words: Write 750 words a day. Slow and steady but destined to help!

Book in a week: Write your book in one week. Any month, the first week of the month, with a few variations throughout the year. That’ll finish it for you!

Remember to check back often as I adjust the schedule and add new projects as I learn about them!

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