Finish That Novel: The News

paperliDue to the surprising attention this website has grabbed since I started it, I’ve decided to see if I can add a little more pizzazz. I want Finish That Novel to be the best resource on the web for help finishing your novel, and though I have a very limited budged to dedicate to it I am looking into exciting possibilities!

Recently I came across a service called–a site that claims to be able to put together a personalized newspaper on any subject, with sources of your choice. I tested it several days ago, and after working out some kinks and minor frustrations, I’m now going to release it to the public.

I thought it would be a great idea to embed it onto a page of this site, and I’ve started looking at ways to make that happen if it’s a success. For now, though, you’ll have to visit it at at it’s own web location here.

Finish That Novel is also (hopefully) getting hosting by the end of the year! So far I can afford the hosting itself, and all that’s left are the start-up charges, which should not take too long to prepare. Hosting will open up many exciting new possibilities, plus it will be nice to have a more serious URL.

For now, please check out the official Finish That Novel Newspaper at!headlines and let me know your thoughts!

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