Book Lovers’ Day (And Why You Should Care)

_ICT2283-01Saturdays at my house are pretty laid back. We usually have guests over and play board games, eat pizza, and stay up late. Sometimes (like today) I try to spend some time away from the crowd and meet my personal writing quota for the day. That’s not always very easy, and I write full time. There are a bunch of things on my priority list this weekend, and with it so hard just to get around to writing sometimes, reading usually takes a back seat. But today’s different.

It is the official Book Lovers’ Day according to the National Day Calendar. While Book Lovers’ day is unofficial and fluctuates from being August 9 or sometime in early November, it can be a great time to spend some time reading and remind yourself how you fell in love with novels to begin with.

Chances are, if you’re finishing a novel now, you’ve probably already read quite a few yourself and most likely know how important good reading is to good writing. Whether it’s Ernest Hemingway or Veronica Roth, it’s fun to watch how your own writing changes to match the style of whatever author you’ve been reading the most of, and there’s a lot that can be learned from simple exposure to good writing. But that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes it’s hard to get around to reading even the most exciting books on your reading list.

Speaking of reading lists, I recently discovered an Amazon-run site called Shelfari that specializes in managing reading lists, tracking your reading progress and learning more about books you’re interested in. I haven’t looked at it enough to say much, but I’m inches away from getting my own account.

This isn’t a very long article and I confess not as planned out as much as usual, but I thought it would be a good idea for once to set down the writing and get back to curling up with ( and reading!) a good book. Long live the book lovers!

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